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Why us?

Active & large

Join our community of over four thousand members, feel like you're part of a family, and enjoy the countless roleplay sessions hosted every day.

Intuitive bot

Emergency calls, roleplay tickets, registrations and much more are handled through our own Discord bot, no messing around with channels.

Not (too) strict

We have rules and make sure they're followed, though breaking a rule once won't get you banned. Humans aren't machines, and humans make mistakes.

What our members say

Best Greenville Roleplay Server I ever played on: I've been in the server for about a month, the server isn't strict like most servers, you just join, register a car, and join a session (if any are open). Good for casual roleplay, I actually found a friend here. Recommend it. One of the first servers without applications: This server is one of the best. There is only one bot and it is very advanced compared to others. As this server grows, the bot got way more advanced and the added features were amazing. I really say it is the best server of all time. Just great: I joined not too long ago and I'm already in love, the community is nice and friendly, they can help you out with anything and there is little fail roleplay in sessions!

Hop on!

Greenville Realism is a one-of-a-kind Greenville roleplay server and has been around for multiple years—even if you're not convinced quite yet, what do you have to lose?

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